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AA-RACE Club Launches AA-RACE 2.0, the Most Realistic Aerobatic Air Race Game Simulation Available for iOS and Android


ZAGREB, Croatia, Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- AA-RACE Club releases AA-RACE 2.0 aerobatic race game simulation for iOS and Android devices.

AA-RACE is the most realistic aerobatic air race game simulation on the market. It is based on the real world air race/aerobatic competition.

AA-RACE Aeroclub has put special effort to accurately replicate unlimited aerobatic aircraft performance while maintaining playability of the game.

"We had professional aerobatic pilots competing in AA-RACE like me, Branimir Ambrekovic or Tim Tibo test the game and verify models and we had a really hard time trying to match our real world performance," said Andy Bickmore, one of the real world AA-RACE pilots.

The game is designed to utilize the latest mobile graphics hardware in order to immerse players in as realistic experience as possible.

In the 2.0 version we have added a new aerobatics training mode where players can really learn how you do loop, cuban 8 and all other basic aerobatic manoeuvres.

"We simply wanted to design the most realistic aerobatic and air race flight experience and also to allow players to learn a little bit about what it takes to fly real air race and aerobatics in various unlimited aircraft available today," said Marko Emer, head of AA-RACE project. "This release raises the bar with amount of detail and flight sim capabilities available to players on iPhone/iPad and Android devices."

  • Realistic flight simulation based on real world AA-RACE championship
    The rules, the aircraft available and scoring system closely resemble "the real thing".
  • New locations – New York and Moscow
    With some spectacular 3D models. Take off from Intrepid on the Hudson among Space Shuttle and Concorde or during military parade from Red Square in Moscow.
  • Available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices
    The game is designed to fully exploit the latest graphics hardware in mobile devices providing unmatched level of detail and realistic aircraft performance.
  • Learn to fly aerobatics
    We have tried to make aircraft models as close as possible to the real thing.
  • Scoreboard
    Players in the Pro version can register with AA-RACE and their results are automatically uploaded to the AA-RACE Global scoreboard. This way all the players will be able to see how well they fly against all AA-RACE players. As added benefit the players can see real world results from actual AA-RACE events and try to beat real pilots.

Each quarter AA-RACE will award the highest scoring player with a flight in a real unlimited aerobatic airplane for the experience of a lifetime.


for iPhone/iPad at iTunes: 
or for Android devices at

AA-RACE Game is also available immediately at 

AA-RACE was founded in 2009. The club is involved with professional air racing and aerobatics as well as skydiving. AA-RACE is the first software product coming out of extensive experience in real world aerobatics and air racing.

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