Europe Power-Spot up, curve near 2012 lows


* Monday prices rise on low renewable output forecasts

* Curve prices weaker, skirt but do not fall below 2012 lows

* All related fuels weaker

FRANKFURT, Oct 12 (Reuters) - European spot power pricesrose for early next week on Friday as German wind and solarpower supplies were each seen halving by Monday and the Frenchsupply picture was murky, traders said.

Supply from German wind turbines would likely run at 5 GW onMonday and solar supply at the same level during midday peaks,weather data indicated.

In France, workers at E.ONcoal-fired plants werestriking again on Friday, having started selected actions onMonday in a dispute over site closures and joblosses.

Monday baseload in France was up by 12.25 euros at 58.50euros ($76.00) a megawatt hour (MWh)

, while Germany'sequivalent spot contract rose 6.10 euros to 51.25 euros.

"Prompt prices could easily go higher early next week ifFrance sees a big push to consumption and has more nuclearproblems," one trader said.

Although four of EDF's

reactors returned to thegrid on Thursday after outages, another one, St Alban 1, wentoffline in an unplanned outage.

Temperatures will fall next week by around 4 Celsius in someparts of the region. Available German and Austrian power plantcapacity, on the other hand, is likely to rise.

Data from energy bourse EEX showed a likely capacityincrease by 7.2 percent in the Germany/Austrian coupledmarketplace in the seven days to Oct. 19, due to additions atmost thermal and hydroelectric plants.

Benchmark prices along the forwards power curve heldnarrowly above 2012 lows.

Germany's contract for 2013 baseload delivery


13 cents to 47.50 euros in OTC trading. I t was narrowly aboveits 2012 lo w of 47.35 euros, hit in June.

The equivalent contract for baseload delivery in France 2013was down 1 0 cents a t 5 0.15 euros.

In exchange trading on the EEX bourse, which is less liqudthan the OTC market, the German 2013 position hit a low of47.25 euros on Sept. 25.

On Friday, German Cal '13 traded at 47.40 euros at 1330 GMTon the EEX.

Curve traders said OTC and EEX prices were exposed tofurther falls - which could see prices back at levels last seenin Nov. 2010 - because forecasts for mild winter weather and thecurrent power capacity outlook for Germany did not create anotion of risk.

There could be spot price blips during cold weather periodsbut this likelihood did not support a lasting curve pricerecovery, they said.

Although Germany has shut nuclear reactor capacity, it isbuilding up reserves and also enjoys plenty of renewablecapacity.

Elsewhere in the fuel markets, oil fell towards $115 abarrel, as a prediction of a further decline in consumption andhigher supplies offset concerns about potential outputdisruptions in the Middle East.

Emissions, coal and gas coal prices were also down.($1 = 0.7726 euros)

(Reporting by Vera Eckert; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

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