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Evidon Media Advisory for Educational Webinar on Mobile Privacy - Monday, October 15, 2012


“67% of smartphone users sleep with their smartphones. Probably higher than the percentage that sleeps with their spouses.”
– FTC Head of Consumer Affairs, David Vladeck, speaking at Evidon Empower


Evidon "Get with the Program" Webinar Series:
Keeping Privacy Protection as Mobile as Consumers
Date: Monday, 15 October 2012
Time: 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT

Join Digital Advertising Alliance Managing Director Lou Mastria, Tapad CEO Are Traasdahl, Jumptap Senior Director, Product Management Matt Tengler, and Evidon CEO Scott Meyer, for the latest insights on where mobile privacy stands, and guidance on what you can do now to ensure you’re well positioned to handle mobile data responsibly and empower consumers for transparency, notice and choice.

Mobile has quickly emerged as a predominant vehicle for people to conduct their online lives. For marketers, that means an unprecedented amount of data that they can use to connect to the mobile consumer more effectively. That, in turn, requires consumer privacy protection that is as ubiquitous as the mobile channel itself. As marketers capitalize on the myriad tools at their disposal to help them put data to good use, they need to ensure that they’re doing it responsibly, giving people transparency and control over how their information is collected and used for mobile marketing.

Despite burgeoning “AdChoices” programs in the US, EU and elsewhere, and increasing adoption of the ePrivacy Directive in the EU, many details around mobile privacy controls still need to be worked out, from policy to the technology standards that will help companies bring policy to life. While the industry is making headway, consumers won’t care that figuring out a standard for mobile privacy is complex; they just need it to work easily.

What are the primary options now available to give people transparency and control across the mobile landscape? What are the prospects for Apple’s new standard ID, and what are other device manufacturers and mobile ad networks doing to enable privacy by design? Is a persistent, cross-platform opt-out for internet tracking possible? Are regulators around the globe providing enough clear guidance?

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