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Gateway Media Productions' American Restoration Plan Charts Bold New Course for America's e-Commerce Economy


AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- American small businesses are falling behind the curve in terms of effective use of the latest technological tools and revenue streams. Poor web design, unfulfilled marketing promises and glitch-prone e-commerce tools all combine to handicap American businesses, organizations and charities.

In the midst of these tough economic times, two Ohio businessmen, William Rogers and Keith Proper, have outlined an ambitious agenda to revitalize e-commerce. More than just another web design company, the pair has developed the American Restoration Plan for jumpstarting e-commerce at the grassroots level.

Gateway's E-Commerce Development Program is designed to empower businesses and institutions by providing them with premium e-commerce packages as an investment with no upfront costs. Customized plans are available for businesses, schools, charities and any organization needing to create or monetize their online presence via ad revenue, donations or merchandising. Many of these institutions have previously neglected to take advantage of the enormous potential of e-commerce tools. Others have been misled by pie-in-the-sky promises of instant return on investment.

"We are being ripped off by the companies dominating the industry," Rogers explains. "The overwhelming majority of American businesses have poorly designed websites with inferior e-commerce features and ineffective online marketing. We believe we can transform the nation's economy in ways that haven't been done before by utilizing e-commerce technology to maximize profits for American businesses, create new business, employment, and career opportunities, generate revenue for our schools and non-profit organizations, and provide quality resources for the American people.

"If marketed effectively, well-designed websites can earn ad revenue, sell products, collect donations, provide information, and perform a variety of online services for any business or institution. They can literally make money while we sleep."

Rogers and Proper also hope to tackle the thorny issue of online content production. Their Content Production Program creates legitimate employment and career opportunities for Americans interested in earning income online. "We can take just about any interest a person has and turn it into a profitable online business," Rogers says. "It's all part of our 'Content Revolution.'"

"One of our most popular sources of information calls itself an encyclopedia while collecting tens of millions of dollars a year in donations to provide us with a largely unregulated collection of unreliable, erroneous, and often poorly written articles written for free by 'anyone with an internet connection,'" says Proper. "If that's not bad enough, they actually pride themselves on employing as few people as possible. This isn't only irresponsible, it's an outrage."

The Content Revolution will include a network of informational websites and encyclopedias featuring accurate information researched from reliable sources by paid professionals who will continue to maintain and update the information. This network will employ tens of thousands of people, while providing a reliable source of information for the web-savvy consumers. It will also serve to generate ad revenue for worthy causes and charities.

"Our plan to stimulate the American economy has nothing to do with taxing rich people or reforming welfare. Unlike running politicians, we will work for America," promises Rogers.

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Gateway Media Productions is an Internet media production that specializes in the economic development of American businesses, institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs. The company provides investments in the form of capital and premium e-commerce technology.


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