TEXT-S&P affirms Erie Family Life Insurance co. 'Api' rating


Rating ActionOn Sept. 21, 2012, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services affirmed its 'Api'counterparty credit and financial strength ratings on Erie Family LifeInsurance Co. (Erie).


The ratings on Erie are based on the company's well-balanced product portfolioand strong capitalization. The ratings also reflect the company's goodoperating performance. Partially offsetting these positive factors is thecompany's limited geographic presence--roughly 48% of its 2011 direct premiumswritten come out of Pennsylvania.

Erie is a Pennsylvania life insurance company formed in 1967 and licensed todo business in 10 states and the District of Columbia. The company mainlyoffers individual life insurance and annuity products. We rate Erie on astand-alone basis.

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Erie Family Life Insurance Co.

Counterparty Credit RatingFinancial Strength Rating Api

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