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What to Look for in Goldman Earnings: Pros


Goldman Sachs is set to report quarterly earnings Tuesday morning, and the better-than-expected results are likely, Sanford C. Bernstein equity research analyst Brad Hintz said on CNBC.

“What you’re going to see is good fixed income, largely rates and credit. That’s not going to be a surprise. That capital market’s going to look good, and the key thing is will we start seeing changes in terms of the capital allocated to fixed income? If we start seeing that, then the belief will be that Goldman is on the way to beating its cost of capital in trading,” he said on “Fast Money.”

Once they’re on that trajectory of beating the cost of capital, he added, “Now you’ve got a stock that can begin to move.”

Hintz forecasted earnings per share of $2.56 on $7.4 billion in revenues. Wall Street consensus was $2.12 EPS on revenues of $7.3 billion.

In response to what Goldman needed to say to boost the stock, Hintz listed a few signals.

“We’re automating our fixed-income operation,” he said. “We’re liquidating some of those merchant banking positions that we have. The equity market has opened up, and IPOs are coming.

“Now when you start saying that, the message is the trading businesses aren’t broken, and the investment banking businesses are going to start posting better numbers going forward.”

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