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Extravagant Home Features of the One Percent

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You Might Be a Member of the “One Percent” If…

If your garage has a hydraulic car elevator, you might be part of the group of high earners who make more than 99 percent of Americans: the One Percent. There is a good chance you might also be a One Percenter if a waterslide connects your master bedroom to your swimming pool.

You get the picture. For the One Percent, amenities like a home theater or a wine cellar hardly make your house stand out. The exceptional features that follow won't be seen in just any mansion. These special features can only be afforded by famous athletes, hip hop artists and other mega wealthy owners.

The cheapest of the following ten mansions goes for $7 million, and the prices go up—way up—from there. Many contain a few unusual amenities, while others are loaded with them. We'll start off with a unique relic from a century-old estate, hidden from the naked eye under a lake.

By Colleen Kane

Posted 16 October 2012