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Kudlow: Make No Mistake, al-Qaeda Has Not Been Decimated


"Al Qaeda is more dangerous now than ever before, " said Rep Peter King, on The Kudlow Report . "Al Qaeda has not been decimated."That's what the chair of the House Homeland Security Committee said every American must know after a 21-year old Bangladeshi national attempted to perpetrate an act of terror in New York City.According to a report from NBC 4 New York, federal officials arrested Quazi Mohammad, a suspect that they say was plotting to attack the Federal Reserve's building.

He was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, and attempting to provide material support to al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda Danger Threat Growing Worse?

"There are lone wolves in this country, " explained King. "Al Qaeda is sending people into this country who have no record – they come from good backgrounds – it's much harder to find out who the enemy is."

King also said that the public believes that al-Qaeda has been hobbled and with Osama bin Laden out of the picture.

And in part that's true. "Core al-Qaeda has been hurt badly, " he said.

"But as a result, there are many smaller al-Qaeda operations – and they are lethal, " said King.

Remain vigilant.

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