Romney's 'Binders Full of Women' Comment Goes Viral

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Americans were searching for some insight as to just what Mitt Romney meant when he said he went through "binders full of women, " during the second presidential debate.

According to Google, the phrase "binders full of women" was one of the top rising searches during Tuesday night's debate.

The Republican's "binder" comment was in reference to a question about equal pay for men and women. He was explaining that while he was assembling his Cabinet as governor of Massachusetts, he went through "whole binders full of women" who were qualified for government positions. Ultimately, he said, Massachusetts had more women in senior leadership than any other state. (Read More: )

While Romney's comment was well intentioned, it has become somewhat of an Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.

Tumblr and Facebook pages have been created and named after the comment, and the hashtag 'bindersfullofwomen' was a top trend in the U.S. on Twitter.

Barack Obama's Twitter account, which is run by his campaign staff, even poked fun at the comment with a promoted tweet that stated: "Mitt Romney still won't say whether he'd stand up for equal pay, but he did tell us he has "binders full of women."