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Top 10 Disruptors Empowering Consumers

Top 10 Disruptors Empowering Consumers

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While people in suburban and rural areas will likely never be big Zipcar, ZIP,users, those in high-density urban populations, like New York, Boston and San Francisco, swear by it.

This car-sharing service lets people who only need vehicles sporadically always have one on standby — without having to deal with the hassle of extensive paperwork or fluctuating fees. That has forced traditional car rental companies like Avis Budget, CAR,and Hertz, HTZ,to offer similar services to remain competitive.

Zipcar, which has 730,000 members, or users, and offers 11,000 vehicles throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria, went public in 2011. It recently expanded its service to 300 colleges and universities in North America.

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