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Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak, EKDKQ,is perhaps the most ironic of all the major disruptors to come along.

In 1975, the film giant developed the first digital camera, but opted to shelve it for fear it would harm the company's photographic film business. Those fears proved true, but the company's failure to anticipate the demand for digital cameras (and the fast growth trajectory of the market) ultimately drove Kodak to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, from which it's still trying to escape.

For consumers, though, digital cameras not only provided a chance to instantly see (and, if necessary, reshoot) the picture they'd just taken; they eventually became a method of communication.

Today, thanks to further advancements in the technology, millions of people carry a camera with them at all times, via their smartphone. Meanwhile, camera makers have largely dropped their film-based camera lines — and the era of dropping off your film and waiting up to a week to see the pictures is quickly being forgotten.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand | AFP | Getty Images