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AcuityAds Fields Competitive Ad Offers in Milliseconds Using Aerospike Real-Time NoSQL Database and Key-Value Store


New case study examines how AcuityAds analyzes nearly 5 billion ad impressions each day with the Aerospike database to determine the best online ad placements and pricing

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In online marketing, consumer data remains the key to unlocking conversions and achieving optimal campaign results. For AcuityAds, the ability to instantly analyze this data has been central to its success in empowering Fortune 500 brands and top digital media agencies to respond with highly relevant offers. A new case study examines how AcuityAds manages 500 million unique consumer profiles and analyzes nearly 5 billion ad impressions each day using the Aerospike (formerly Citrusleaf) real-time NoSQL database and key-value store. The full AcuityAds case study is available at:

Aerospike supports AcuityAds’ Consumer Connection Platform, a demand-side platform (DSP) that combines real-time bidding, a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, consumer profiling and contextual targeting data, and premium inventory. Additionally, AcuityAds offers advanced capabilities for ensuring brand safety. This combined functionality results in the ability to go beyond impressions and help advertisers deliver the right ad to the right consumer, in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price.

The new case study examines the business and technology factors that led the company to choose Aerospike. It also reviews how AcuityAds has deployed two flash-optimized Aerospike clusters in its New Jersey and Los Angeles data centers to bring data closer to its customers. Key benefits that AcuityAds has realized with Aerospike include:

  • Provides predictable sub-millisecond responses while analyzing nearly 5 billion ad impressions each day.
  • Exceeds demand for a 99.9% rate of sub-millisecond performance and 100% uptime through automatic rebalancing and fault-tolerance, which ensure that there is no degradation to performance or availability.
  • Reliably handles 60,000 transactions per second (TPS) per server, with demonstrated ability to scale to 300,000 TPS per server.
  • Minimizes IT overhead via flash-optimization and cost-effective use of industry-standard hardware.

“Aerospike has added tremendous value in helping our company to drive customer growth, offer more services, and heighten customer satisfaction,” said AcuityAds Co-founder and CEO Tal Hayek. “We’ve continued to increase the load on Aerospike, and everything has worked out. There’s been no compromise to turnaround, scalability or uptime. As we put more of a load on our infrastructure as a whole, our preferred approach is now to put it in an Aerospike cluster.”

“AcuityAds is at the forefront in combining detailed consumer profiles with advanced machine-learning technology to help advertisers reach consumers with attractive, highly targeted offers,” said Bruce Fram, Aerospike CEO. “We are excited by Acuity’s success in using our Aerospike database to predictably deliver those offers in real-time and maximize revenue potential for the digital media agencies and Fortune 500 companies they serve.”

About AcuityAds

AcuityAds is real-time bidding. AcuityAds was founded in Toronto in 2009 by Tal Hayek and three other partners who had a passion to make online advertising better for advertisers. The founders of the company knew that through combining consumer data and machine learning algorithms they could build an online advertising solution that would change the industry. AcuityAds is happy to claim many Fortune 500 brands and North America’s top digital agencies as is clients. To learn more about Acuity, visit

About Aerospike

Aerospike, Inc. offers the only real-time NoSQL database and key-value store that delivers predictable high performance for mission-critical, Web-scale applications. Aerospike’s flash-optimized, shared-nothing architecture scales linearly, consistently processing over 300k transactions per second per node with sub-millisecond latency. With automatic fail-over, replication, and cross data center synchronization, the Aerospike database reliably stores billions of objects and terabytes of data—while providing 100% uptime and a 10x improvement in TCO over other NoSQL databases. Customers accelerating their business with Aerospike include adMarketplace, eXelate, Sony’s So-net, and The Trade Desk. For more information, visit

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