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FIEXE Announces New Deal Network for Investment Professionals to Simplify Private Investment Sourcing


CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- FIEXE, private investments, simplified, is a new investment network for equity and debt deals that changes the landscape of the private investment industry.  This investment network focuses on delivering value to dealmakers through simplifying the deal discovery process, increasing strategic networking opportunities and dramatically reducing the cost and time of completing transactions.


"FIEXE has been a phenomenal resource, allowing me to easily connect with the types of people my business requires – the LinkedIn of the private securities market." - Matthew Green, Managing Director at Rainmaker Securities

With easy-to-use services and intuitive features, FIEXE enables investment professionals to spend their time efficiently and effectively. The network applies a unique algorithm that incorporates investor profiles to pair pertinent investment criteria with company profiles. Through FIEXE, dealmakers have full control over deal profile distributions and visibility with the option to utilize existing contacts on sites like Linkedin, Google, Facebook and Twitter. These features ensure that deals are seen by prepared, pre-qualified investors, saving time and skyrocketing productivity.

"Deal execution should be a simple and cost-efficient process. By evolving the private investment industry with an agile deal discovery platform, we're creating an intuitive end-user experience that delivers," says Rick McCaffrey, Director of Strategy at FIEXE.

The investment platform will be supplying the first thousand founding members with continual premium accounts while opening the beta network to new FIEXE members. The deal platform caters to middle-market companies, individual and institutional investors, broker dealers, investment bankers and private equity firms.  Deals on FIEXE include: M&A, private company stock, funds and private debt investment opportunities.

To receive additional information on the FIEXE network and our private beta release, contact Kison Patel, President ( or (312) 344-3442.

"The private investment market is fragmented with limited networking opportunities, and current deal platforms use difficult, archaic technologies.  Our goal is to accelerate the pace of the deal discovery and execution process in an effort to provide tools that make the private investment process more efficient." - Kison Patel, President at FIEXE

Founded in Chicago in 2012 by Kison Patel, FIEXE is a platform for investment professionals to market private investment deals that include private company stocks, M&A, funds and private debt.