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Growing Up Proud, Just Like Me


NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The original Kenya Doll is back! The authentic, African American doll steeped in rich cultural history and significance, is set to re-launch this November, backed by the Project Pride movement, a cultural initiative within the brand designed to foster respect, responsibility and positive growth within the Black Community; the "Proud" music video and CD single, which sends a positive and uplifting message to our youth, and the Rockstar Madness Band and Tour, featuring the grown-up doll characters transforming into real life recording stars, with Hannah Montana star Shanica Knowles as Kenya, Ryan McDaniel as TJ (Kenya's boyfriend), Kia Hampton as Denise (Kenya's best friend) and Jonathan McDaniel as Dwayne (TJ's cousin).  The Rockstar Madness Band will perform live, visit schools, conduct community events, and make in-store appearances to promote the Project Pride initiative, via their uplifting, fun and positive message. Kenya is clearly on a mission.

Comments Kenya World, LLC head, Neil Levine:  "Kenya's World is creating a cultural movement of Pride, focusing on one's self, family and community. This is the foundation of Project Pride."

The Kenya Doll was originally launched in 1992 to provide girls of color with a toy that accurately reflected their appearance, and that could be used to instill self-esteem, along with pride in heritage and community. Kenya became an overnight success in 1992 as the hottest doll for African American girls, selling over 4.8 million dolls. The doll was a cult favorite toy of the decade, capturing every little brown girl's heart, and enjoying strong universal appeal.

Kenya's World is an African American toy brand that is re-launching the historical Kenya Doll along the same premise. The Kenya Doll has been created and designed to promote all of the characteristics mirroring an African American figure, lifestyle and culture, where kids can truly says 'this doll looks just like me.' Each doll comes in three different skin tones (light, brown and dark), which covers all of the African American skin tones.  The company has also created the only toy brand that launches across three platforms, with product lines including "My First" (Newborns), "Kenya Classic" (3 years and older) and "Fashion Madness" (Tweens). The Fashion Madness characters transform into the real-life Rockstar Madness Band, incorporating music, live performances, a blog and stylish fashion products to the product line.

The 2012 re-launch of the Kenya Doll brand will feature several new and unique lifestyle components, an entertainment component, additional characters, fashion items, merchandise, along with 63 more items than the original brand. Kenya will also expand its line to the Hispanic culture with an expected 2013 launch.

The Rockstar Madness Band features Kenya and her extremely creative friends performing music that represents their lifestyle, fits their flare for fashion and popular culture, and lyrically spreads a positive message. The Rockstar Madness Band will continue to release hot, new videos, CD's and DVD's which are electrified by their live performances in spreading Project Pride. Kenya also has a blog to closely interact with fans and share news and project updates.  The Rockstar Madness Tour was produced by The Frontrunnaz, choreographed by Flii Stylz and directed by Carlos Ramos, Jr.

The Kenya Doll re-launch provides an opportunity to create a cultural movement and awareness for African American children, Hispanic children and multi-cultural children in giving them the foundation of pride within family and community. For more information, please visit and watch us on Livestream at


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*The Rockstar Madness Band is available for press.


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