Press Releases Deploys VoodooVox Caller Analytics to Aid Business Marketers


TORONTO and LIVINGSTON, N.J., Oct. 24,  2012 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc.("") and VoodooVox, Inc. (TSX: VVX), today announced they have entered into an agreement to make the VoodooVox Analytics platform available to's extensive business customer base to help advertisers and marketers target their audiences better while safeguarding consumers' personal information.

(Logo: ) is a U.S.-based VoIP and cloud-based telephone service specializing in small- sized businesses and home offices (SOHO). The new caller analytics solution will provide business customers with customer-experience services and benefits previously only available to large call centers.

In addition to multiple activity reports on call traffic, all of's customers will now have access to VoodooVox's demographic database on 250 million phone numbers.

"The phone is the most important tool for all of those in business and now, with the caller analytics platform, our customers can learn more about their callers, not just listen to them," said CEO and co-founder Ari Rabban. "This service will allow our customers to glean new insight from their call volume the same way that Google Analytics provides valuable insight into web visitors."

"We do not just count calls; we apply sophisticated analytic methods, which VoodooVox helps us with," he said. "By combining a few national databases, such as U.S. census data, and applying statistical methods, we can relatively accurately derive conclusions about the aggregate of a region's callers without the need to collect, store or know any specific personal information.

"For instance, knowing the area code of the caller and cross referencing that data with census information about salaries in those geographic areas, one can pretty accurately know the aggregate of all callers' salary distribution," Rabban said. "And with that, an advertiser using caller analytic tools can tell which ad attracted the correct audience or if that ad needs to change. This can help users improve their marketing activities through better targeting so their marketing dollars go further."

Mike Durance, CEO of VoodooVox said: " is a leader in SOHO telephony, and we are pleased to bring the power of VoodooVox Analytics to this new customer base.  Phone calls are more than just talk, and VoodooVox Analytics enables businesses of all sizes to learn more about their customers without compromising consumer privacy."

VoodooVox's Analytics is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution priced on a per seat basis. The service will be deployed to the entire customer base.

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About VoodooVox Inc.

VoodooVox uses consumer analytics to provide smarter mobile advertising services via the cloud to publishers, advertisers and operators. VoodooVox, which represents the combined assets and knowledge base of three companies, namely Call Genie Inc., UpSnap Services, LLC and VoodooVox, now processes billions of advertising transactions for a marquee list of global clients and partners.  Currently, VoodooVox solutions are deployed in 11 countries around the world.