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Anticipated Film 'Rabbit Fever' Debuts With Over 64,000 Rabbits


SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Wichita, Kansas is home to this year's American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Convention, the largest gathering of rabbits and rabbit enthusiasts in the world. Judges at the convention will award Best in Show to the best rabbit out of all breeds, and two lucky teenagers will receive the most coveted honor in the rabbit community -- to be crowned Rabbit King and Queen. All of these festivities and more are shown in the new documentary "Rabbit Fever" (, the first film to explore the hare-raising world of rabbit breeding and rabbit shows.

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With 64,274 rabbits shot on film, "Rabbit Fever" shines a light on a world that most people don't know exists. With a light-hearted tone that Amy Do, the director of "Rabbit Fever," likens to the hilarious dog show mockumentary "Best in Show," the film follows five teenagers as they compete for recognition in the cutthroat world of professional rabbit breeders. However, Do's film does not mock its subjects. The young people in "Rabbit Fever" have an honest love for their hobby, with passion and rivalries between various breeders on full display.

"Although the intense competition drives the film forward to its climax, the heart of 'Rabbit Fever' lies within the passion, charm and sometimes quirkiness of its subjects. The teens' love of rabbits is just another vehicle that young adults use to challenge and express themselves, making 'Rabbit Fever' not only a film about rabbits, but also a very unique coming of age story," said Amy Do.

As the five teenagers compete for the coveted titles of Rabbit King and Queen, viewers get to experience the wonderfully weird world that is rabbit breeding and the complex enterprise that surrounds the 100-year-old rabbit show industry.

For the 2012 ARBA Convention, more than 20,000 rabbits, consisting of 47 recognized breeds with fanciful names like Lilac, Checkered Giant, Holland Lop and Silver Fox, will make Wichita's Century II Convention Center their home for the last few days of October. And while breeders compete for the prestigious Best in Show Fibber Trophy, attendees will be treated to a screening of "Rabbit Fever" at the ARBA Convention on Sunday, October 28th.

Recently acquired for distribution by SnagFilms, which has released numerous documentaries for National Geographic and PBS, as well as popular titles such as "Super Size Me," "Rabbit Fever" is currently available on Amazon Video on Demand, Google Play, Vudu and Xbox. Early next year, the film will enjoy a wider release on Hulu, SnagFilms, Comcast Xfinity TV, Netflix and iTunes.

For those who want to add "Rabbit Fever" to their personal movie library, a Special Collector's Limited Edition DVD can be purchased from the official website at: Proceeds from the purchase of the DVD will go toward wider distribution of the film. With the help of its new distributor and a growing buzz around the film, Director Amy Do expects "Rabbit Fever" to be a rousing success.

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About Amy Do

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California, Amy obtained a job at Lucasfilm Ltd. in Northern California, working on the behind-the-scenes documentaries for Star Wars. After that, Amy worked at a division of FOX Interactive Media, producing videogame-related features for IGN Entertainment. "Rabbit Fever" is Amy's first feature-length film.


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