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Torr Pen Company presents solution for the gift-giving season


BOSTON, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The gift-giving season is right around the corner, and Torr Pen Company (, a Boston-based men's gift company, has presented an answer to a perennially vexing challenge: What to get for husbands, fathers, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, bosses, co-workers, and any other man on the gift list.

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The solution: Torr Classic™ and Torr Clean

Inspired by a surgical instrument and designed for everyday use, Torr pens, which are forged from stainless steel and are virtually indestructible, are fun and sophisticated gifts for the everyday man.  The pen is weighted to create momentum when writing across the page, and sports a secret compartment that makes this gift both a time capsule and a fun toy. 

Torr Classic and Torr Clean fit into their own stainless steel jackets so precisely that they make a celebratory "POP!", like a bottle of champagne, when opened.  The vacuum pressure and metal-on-metal design creates a subtle symphony of intricate, delicate sounds, and the pen "floats" effortlessly on a bed of air back into its jacket. 

The pleasingly hefty jacket is a work of art in itself. It comes with a smart ruler engraved in English and metric (Torr Classic) or unadorned (Torr Clean).  The jacket can also be laser engraved with a personal message that will stand the test of time, and far beyond. 

Torr pens are presented in a handsome bamboo box that will be a welcome display piece on any desk.  Torr Pen Company also provides parchment scrolls for messages that can be stored in the pen's secret compartment for days—or decades.  Torr Classic and Torr Clean accept readily available ink cartridges for easy replacement.

Torr pens are fun and sophisticated gifts with wide-market appeal, perfect for husbands, fathers, co-workers, groomsmen, and even rockstars.     

Torr Pens.  The gift-season solution.

About Torr Pen Company
Torr Pen Company is a men's gift company based out of Boston, founded by Allen Arseneau and Diana Hudak.  Torr Pen Company is committed to designing and creating fun and sophisticated gifts for the everyday man.  Socially, it is focused on helping children in need and US Veterans.

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