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The World's Most Promising New Companies

The World's Most Promising New Companies

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Tiatros Inc.

Entrepreneur: Kimberlie Cerrone

California, USA

Tiatros offers the first versatile, HIPAA-compliant health cloud that connects healthcare providers, patients and their families with real-time health data and complete patient records within a secure environment. Tiatros' cloud-based solution is distinguished from the enterprise-based solutions already in widespread use, connecting providers within a single enterprise, often providing only a patient portal.

On Tiatros, healthcare providers in different clinical settings work together as collaborative care teams whose treatment decisions are coordinated and evidence-based. Patients and their families participate much more actively in their healthcare. Patients' complete medical records are secured within the Tiatros health cloud in seconds, including file types that have always been difficult and expensive to share, such as MRIs and ultrasounds. Everything is available immediately, and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on any Internet-enabled device.

Photo: Global Entrepreneurship Week