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Editor's Picks: Stories You Might Have Missed


We had some gem stories this week that we wanted to bring to your attention, just in case you missed them amid Pentagon Wives headlines.

This story caused some consternation in the comments section. Seems like if you make more you don't feel rich, but if you make less that would be rich. Anyway, our friends at The Fiscal Times did some stress testing and it's worth a read.

China's New Leaders Worry About Entitlements, Too

Okay, it's a Communist country, but it sure seems to be on a capitalist path. And it's trying to do it better. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera breaks it down.

Unions Seeking Comeback: Obama 'Owes Them Big Time'

Have you noticed all the labor action lately? Wal-Mart, Boeing, teachers...seems like unions want to reverse some of the setbacks they've suffered in recent years. Staff writer Mark Koba took a look...and then he took a journalistic victory lap when the Twinkie folk joined in the fun.

Why Seniors Face Retirement 'Perfect Storm' in 2013

You got this "Fiscal Cliff" closing in, and then Social Security adjustments, and economic year may just not be the year to retire. Mark Koba (busy guy) wraps up the negativity into a very readable package.

Bartiromo: 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal? Don't Count on It

Maria came out with opinion piece with a pretty pragmatic view about where the politicians are likely to end up. And she mentions the Mayans (and if you like that kind of stuff, check out this).

We had some other notables about Apple panic selling, the biggest obstacle to tax reform (you), and Mark Faber (alias Dr. Doom) warning about a meltdown.

Oh yeah, a lot of folks liked our Stupid or Cool gift survey. Great for killing time.


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