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Four Market Fear Factors: Blackstone’s Wien


Four factors will continue to drag on the economy for 2013, Blackstone Advisory Partners Vice Chairman Byron Wien said Wednesday on CNBC.

Earnings, the so-called "fiscal cliff," tensions in the Middle East and the ongoing crisis in Europe were all likely to make next year worse than 2012.

"They're not predictions. They're surprises," he said on an interview on "Fast Money."

Four Market Fear Factors: Byron Wien

The "fiscal cliff" would trigger automatic federal spending cuts and expiration of the Bush tax cuts on Jan. 1 if Washington lawmakers fail to agree on a budget.

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Additional quantitative easing won't help, either, Wien added.

"I don't think the Fed could fix it," he said. "Monetary policy has done its job."

GDP growth next year could see, at best, 4 percent growth next year.

Although the "fiscal cliff" could "take it down to zero," Wien said it was more likely that it was more likely to hold growth to 1½ percent — before inflation takes 1 percent off the top.

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"That's not very much, and I think earnings are going to struggle in that environment," he said.

Wien revealed where he looked to invest.

"I would continue to focus on the growth areas, and ," he said. "And there are opportunities in higher-yield instruments, too."

Among Wien's top investment instruments were fixed-income, mortgages and high-yield corporate debt.

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