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10 Champions of British Enterprise

10 Champions of British Enterprise

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Candy Brothers

Company: Candy & Candy

Shared wealth: 330 million pounds ($527 million) (as of 2010)

The name Candy Brothers has become synonymous with luxury property. Brothers Nick (left) and Christian (right) got a start-up loan of £6,000 ($9,600) from their grandmother and began buying and renovating flats in London during their University years.

Eight years later they went into business with the Prime Minister of Qatar and built 86 luxury apartments facing London's Hyde Park that created a new category of real estate for the uber-wealthy. Back in 2010, a flat at the development called One Hyde Park was sold for £140 million ($220 million) – making it the most expensive apartment in the world.

The Candy brothers recently sold their superyacht for £39 million ($62.4 million). Don't worry – they have a new one on order.

Photo: Dave M. Benett | Getty Images