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10 Champions of British Enterprise

10 Champions of British Enterprise

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Steilos Haji-Ianou

Company: EasyJet

Net Worth: 1 billion pounds ($1.62 billion)

This London School of Economics graduate transformed air travel in Europe with EasyJet, the no frills carrier. He founded the company back in 1995 when he was just 28 and partially floated it on the London Stock Exchange five years later. Over the last 17 years the Luton-based airline has become a staple in airports across Europe and is now branching out to the Middle East.

However, Haji-Ianou has not had an easy ride over the last few years. Boardroom battles over "fat-cat bonuses" and a failed attempt to oust Chairman Sir Michael Rake earlier this year have isolated the self-described "serial entrepreneur". The first flight from his pan-African no frills airline FastJet takes off in November.

Photo: Adrian Dennis | AFP |Getty Images