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Insights from 'Greatest Banker of a Generation'


There aren't many businessmen who have built an incredible, revolutionary brand from the ground up. But what's even more rare is to find someone who's done it twice.

And that's why Jim Cramer was thrilled to have a chance to glean insights from Vernon Hill, the guy who created Commerce Bancorp.

"He built Commerce from a single branch in 1973 into the fastest growing banking franchise in America," said Cramer.

And now Hill is at it again this time in the United Kingdom. Two years ago he opened Metro Bank, which now has 12 branches in Greater London and he expects to open eight more by the end of the year.

"We're the first new bank in Britain since 1830," said Hill on Mad Money.

For the latest on industry trends as well Hill's plans to win market share in Europe, watch the video now!

Metro Bank Co-Founder: We're the Disrupter In the Market

"Hill's new book "Fans! Not Customers: How to Create Growth Companies in a No Growth World" recently hit the shelves and I recommend reading it because when somebody is this good, you want to learn everything they have to teach you," added Cramer.

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