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Euro Slips, Yen Lifts, Spain Gets a Boost


Aid to Spain eases that country's pain but Greek drama still weighs on the euro - it's time for your FX Fix.

A lack of detail in the new Greek aid package worried investors and sent the lower. [CNBC]

German inflation hit its lowest level in four months, adding to pressure on the euro. []

Remaining worries about Greece, combined with concerns about the U.S. fiscal cliff, weighed on the . [CNBC]

Concerns about the progress of negotiations on averting the fiscal cliff sent the dollar lower against the yen. [WSJ]

The European Commission is allowing Spain to overhaul its nationalized banks and opened the door to disbursing 40 billion euros in euro zone aid. [CNBC]

Will the Bank of England's new governor bring a hawkish tone to the central bank and the pound? Currency traders seem to think so. [FT]



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