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No Sushi for You: Japan Airlines to Serve KFC Meals

Source: Japan Airlines

Flying Japan Airlines in the near future? Colonel Sanders will be joining you as the airline rolls out Kentucky Fried Chicken meals onboard flights from Tokyo to the U.S. and Europe.

Japan Airlines and Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan are collaborating for the seventh installment of the airline's Air Series in-flight meal program — temporary restaurant promotions for in-flight catering. Past featured meals have included traditional Japanese fare from Taimeiken and Yoshinoya.

The fast-food meals, which will include a drumstick, boneless chicken breast, coleslaw, lettuce leaves and bread, will be served on flights from December 1 to Feb. 28, 2013. KFC's parent is Yum! Brands .

KFC is widely popular in Japan, particularly during the Christmas season, according to the press release.

To be clear, the KFC option will be the second meal offered on long-haul international flights. The primary meal will consist of regularly catered cuisine and choices.

KFC's Original Recipe two-piece chicken meal will be the second meal service for passengers traveling in premium economy and economy class from Tokyo's Narita Airport to New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Paris and Frankfurt.

The fast-food meals will be served in a special box and tray unavailable anywhere else but onboard Japan Airlines.

This isn't the first time fast food has been served in-flight. Back in the 1990s, United Airlines served McDonald's kids meals on certain Orlando-bound flights, dubbed McDonald's Friendly Skies Meals.