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Your 'Cliff' Diving Currency Trade

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Democrats and Republicans seem to be agreeing on less and less despite the ever encroaching fiscal cliff. Lucky for you, this pro has a safe-haven trading plan.

Kathy Lien, managing director of BK Asset Management, has been watching the political crosstalk clobber currencies.

"All this yo-yoing with regard to the fiscal cliff is weighing on risk appetite," she says. (Read More: What is the Fiscal Cliff? CNBC Explains)

Lien notes that the euro has given back ground, as has the Australian dollar.

But "what I'm watching is the lack of reaction in dollar-yen," she told CNBC's Scott Wapner.

'Fiscal Cliff' Currency Trade

Lien points out that the dollar had a big rally against the yen during November, and thinks this could be the time when that pair adjusts a bit. The dollar, she says, "is probably the next currency to roll over."

So Lien wants to sell the dollar against the yen, entering at 82.00. She recommends a stop at 82.75 and a preliminary target of 81.25, since "the fiscal cliff is not necessarily very bearish against the dollar." If the pair does move lower, though, she would adjust her trade and set a new target of 80.00.

Tracking Currencies

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