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Facilitating Romance

Hotel and lifestyle concierges are frequently called upon to perform romantic tasks for a client's loved one, arrange an anniversary getaway, or set the stage for a romantic evening — buying favorite flowers, and maybe a cooking a special dinner or delivering breakfast in bed. Sometimes, though, the requests are more elaborate.

On Thanksgiving, Grand Concierge was tasked with setting up a marriage proposal at Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Justen Wack asked for the words "MARRY ME" to light up in the snow at the resort where he first took Elizabeth Petersen a year ago. Wack got his request fulfilled, and a fiancé in the process.

Another side of the "romantic services" that concierges sometimes fulfill involve clandestine encounters. Russell Figaredo of ABC NYC Concierge service recalls a gig that took him around the city to find kosher foods to bring to "one of the finer Central Park South hotels."

Once in the hotel room, they set the table and set up the meal, but "the host and lady [were] so pleased that we were dismissed half an hour later, even after he had paid $100 per hour for a six-hour job." He added that the client paid in cash so it would not appear on his credit card. "We had, after all, served a very kosher meal to this very observant, very religious man, and his mistress."

The wildest line-of-duty story Giovanni has heard involved a hotel that kept two lists of names — "dates" for men and women who were staying at the hotel and who were known to seek out companionship. One such male celebrity was staying in the hotel, so they randomly selected a woman from the date list. When she went up to his hotel suite, the celebrity opened the door, and was shocked to discover it was his own wife.

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