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Over-the-Top Concierge Services

Over-the-Top Concierge Services

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Party Supplies

For hosts who truly spare no expense in entertaining, concierges can save the day, or at least the party, no matter where it is. Concierge Courier Global cites one party on a boat on Lake Michigan that ran out of booze and called them to bring more beer to the lake. Someone else hired the company to purchase a $1,200 bottle of Clase Azul Ultra — Extra Anejo Tequila in the U.S. and deliver it to her in Hong Kong.

In another of Giovanni favorite, a company was asked to find one dozen albino peacocks for a private party. "I didn't even know there was one albino peacock, let alone a dozen ," she said. But lo, a farm of albino peacocks existed somewhere in Asia, so the special order then had to be flown to Egypt, where the party was being held in one of the tombs.