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Bosses, Take Note: Your Staff Wants a Holiday Bonus

Allison Linn
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If you're considering giving your staff a gift or throwing a party this holiday season, here's a tip: Your workers would probably prefer the cold, hard cash instead.

A new survey finds that 73 percent of people would like a cash bonus this holiday season, if given the choice of holiday perks.

The survey of 2,059 U.S. adults asked what holiday perk people would prefer most, assuming all had about the same monetary value. It was conducted in November by Harris Interactive on behalf of the jobs website Glassdoor, and respondents could choose more than one answer.

The cash bonus was the most popular item. Next came a raise, which was favored by 60 percent of respondents. That was followed by extra paid time off that wouldn't count against vacation, which was favored by 36 percent of respondents.

Here's what people didn't want as much as the cash: company stock, health care subsidies, a gym membership and a holiday party with an open bar. None of those were favored by more than 10 percent of the group surveyed.

It seems that more money is generally one of the top items on workers' minds.

The same survey found that getting a raise topped the list of work-related New Year's resolutions, with 32 percent saying that was a top goal.

Many people also plan to peruse the help-wanted ads come January: 23 percent said their top work-related New Year's resolution was to look for a new job.