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Highest Paid Charity CEOs

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Highest Paid Charity CEOs

As the year draws to an end, mailboxes fill up with solicitations from charities, inspiring potential donors to investigate which organization is most worthy of their money. Charity Navigator, an online guide for such information-seekers, recently released their 2012 CEO Compensation Study, based on 2010 salaries at 3,786 mid- to large- sized U.S. charities that rely on public support.

Charity Navigator ranks the CEOs with the highest pay in each of nine categories, comparing median pay rates by region, highlighting other salaries of note over $100,000. Their list also runs down charities that have multiple highly-paid family members on their staffs.

It's important to note that the Navigators' list is not a judgment on the appropriateness of the salaries -- just that they are the highest paychecks in their respective categories. The report noted that six-figure-and-higher CEO compensation often shocks potential donors who might assume the CEOs work for free or for low pay. Charities are multi-million dollar organizations, and as such they require highly talented and experienced leaders. Salary is a part of attracting that talent, and a six-figure salary for a mid-to-large sized charity is the norm.

(Another list compiled by Charity Navigator takes a more critical look at charity CEO compensation: 10 Highly Paid CEOs at Low-Rated Charities.)

Each of the top salaries given in each charity category will be accompanied by the median pay for that category and the charity's total expenses. And now, a rundown of those top-paying charities.

Posted 3 December 2012

By Colleen Kane

Jerod Harris | Getty Images