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Cramer: Demand ‘No Vacation without Legislation’

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"It's so easy to be negative right now. Incredibly easy," said Cramer. "We are witnessing a titanic struggle in our nation's capital."

Not since the Civil War has there been so much acrimony among lawmakers in Congress. "They seem mean-spirited petty, reckless and angry," Cramer mused.

"We are witnessing a titanic struggle between those who are willing to compromise on fiscal cliff related spending cuts and tax increases and those who simply refuse."

Not only is that Mad Money host aggravated that hardliners are willing to risk a recession rather than compromise - he's downright outraged these same people aren't even willing to cancel or even delay vacation plans to try and find some common ground.

The fiscal cliff is likely the most important project that most lawmakers will have to tackle in their entire political careers.

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"Have you ever been able to say to your boss, 'hey, I know, I have a huge project due, one that could bring down the whole company if I don't finish it, but darn it all, I'm taking a vacation. I will see you later. I am out of here,'" asked Cramer.

No. Absolutely not. But these politicians appear to have a different set of priorities. Read More: Fiscal Cliff: America's Looming Economic Crisis.

Cramer won't stand for it.

Not only does Cramer advocate something he calls 'No Vacation without Legislation' he hopes others who share his disbelief will demand some accountability.

"I want to know which of these bitter and indolent politicians have tickets in their pockets to fly out of Washington next week. I think we should ask each politician 'have you purchased tickets to leave already without regard to getting your job done?'"

As far as Cramer is concerned, those lawmakers should be ashamed.

But shame won't solve the crisis – it will take dialogue for that to happen.

Although the situation is fluid, as it stands right now, Cramer thinks no compromise will be reached before the January 1st deadline. "It does seem that the impasse can't be solved and we have to go over the cliff."

What's the bottom line?

"Be gloomy, critical and angry at those who can't rise above the rhetoric in Washington," said Cramer, "especially those who don't have the decency to give us legislation before vacation."

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