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Gene Munster Keeps Apple $900 Target

Gene Munster Keeps Apple $900 Target

Apple's fundamentals remain strong despite the stock's worst performance in four years, Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster said Wednesday on CNBC.

"I'm a fundamental analyst and did a lot of calls with investors today, and I feel like I got a master's in technical analysis just based on an earful from investors, and that's a big issue," he said, adding that worries could put pressure on the stock price toward $500.

But Munster also doubled down on his view of Apple, keeping his $900 price target.

"The fundamentals are strong," he said.

Strong sales of smartphones using Google's Android operating system were not a long-term worry.

"It's disturbing if it lasts for the next couple of quarters," he said. "We expect those numbers to dramatically jump back in favor of Apple, obviously in the December quarter and the March quarter. You've got to look at it in context of the year, not the September quarter, which nobody was buying an iPhone."

Munster remained a believer.

"The demand for iPhone, the demand for Apple products continues to be exceptionally high," he said. "People want their products and we think that that ultimately going to drive the stock higher."

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