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Cramer: Can’t Get Ahead? – Blame Washington!

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No matter how hard they try, millions of Americans continue to struggle in an economy that seems unable to gain any kind of traction.

And Jim Cramer thinks he knows why.

Partisan politics involving the fiscal cliff have paralyzed Corporate America – absolutely paralyzed companies – making them afraid to hire, afraid to make capital purchases –afraid to spend on anything.

And that fear of the cliff is preventing a great prosperity that would otherwise be sweeping over the nation – and improving the lives of millions.

"We are seeing rumblings in this stock market of what could occur if Washington would just put aside politics and agree to some shared sacrifice," Cramer said. Read More: Fiscal Cliff: America's Looming Financial Crisis.

If lawmakers would set aside politics and reach an agreement – any agreement – Cramer believes the resulting economic boom would far outweigh the burden of raised taxes or spending cuts.

"We have so many things going for us in this country that the two percent would be able to make major gains in their wealth, again, much more than they would pay, proportionately, in taxes," said Cramer.

But - Cramer doesn't just think the period of sustained prosperity would only benefit the rich. Quite the contrary.

Fiscal Cliff: Too Close for Comfort?

"The middle class would be more upwardly mobile and more able to pay higher tuition for college as well as saving for retirement, the two biggest challenges most people face."

"Their 401ks and IRAs would go up so much that it would make up for the end of the payroll tax break, and for the capital gains and dividend tax increases for what little money they can now save outside those tax favored vehicles."

Cramer thinks it's all so obvious. Can someone tell the Democrats? Can someone tell the Republicans?

Here's why Cramer is so confident the market and the economy would absolutely explode if the nation could just scale the fiscal cliff.

- European Strength: "Europe has settled down and now almost every one of its markets is doing better than ours. How can the markets in Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, and Sweden do better than us? How is that possible? It's because of you Washington, it's all on you."

- Earnings Outlook: "Before our politicians stepped in with their intransigence and anger, we were about to have an explosion in earnings. Retail was the strongest I've seen it in more than a decade. Autos were back to levels that are incredibly robust. Housing? Strongest in five years, and that's just the beginning because of all the pent up demand."

- Insourcing: "Our country is starting to get so competitive again that businesses building things over there now want to build them over here! That's what Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple told NBC News."

- Energy Boom: "Our energy costs are plummeting courtesy of the cleaner, cheaper fuel that is so domestically abundant, natural gas. It's so darned cheap here that it can be liquefied in the United States and sold overseas at much lower prices than anywhere else."

What's the bottom line?

"We could be on the cusp of an economic boom in this country. But we have politicians who would rather play partisan politics and risk thrusting the nation into a recession rather than compromise on tax increases and spending cuts. They are enemies of wealth and job creation. They know nothing. They know nothing!"

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