Fiscal Cliff

CNBC Fans Rise Above


CNBC Fans Rise Above


Shortly after the election, CNBC began an initiative urging politicians to rise above partisan bickering and come to terms on various budget and tax plans. Without it, most economists agree that the country will fall back into recession. As part of the initiative, CNBC viewers and followers could request their very own #RiseAbove pin to show support. Many of our #RiseAbove fans have shared their photos on Twitter. We've sifted through your tweets and present the 10 most memorable photos.

By Mary Catherine Wellons, Eli Langer and Meredith Kenyon
Posted 11 Dec. 2012

10) Feline Cliff

Source: @tradewins, Trinity Trader

While the social media team combed through quite a few photos that featured pets, it was hard not to notice a tweet from Trinity Trader (@tradewins). A brown and white cat with a Rise Above pin placed on its forehead was a must-see picture in our newsroom. "Avoid CATastrophe" was the accompanying headline. Purr-fect!

9) Cliffmas

Source: @jami0920

Jami Stevens, manager of a pediatric dental office, proudly wore her #RiseAbove pin in front of a fully-decked Christmas tree along with her colleagues. The Stevens group was all smiles as they tweeted, "Team A chooses #RiseAbove."

8) Amped-Up

Source: @whykung002, Jessica

Twitter and Instagram is where an amped-up Jessica (@whykung002) took her "pinned" photo. What did Jessica have to say about it? "So #amped about my #RiseAbove #CNBC pin," she wrote. We're #amped, too, Jessica.

7) Register a Deal

Source: @courtneyreh, Courtney Reh

CNBC fan Courtney Reh shared a picture of herself wearing her pin at what appears to be a clothing store. Standing in front of cash registers, Reh had the American economy on the top of her mind.

6) View From the Cliff

Source: @MyApplePi, Carrie Kinnison

With rugged terrain in the background, Twitter user Carrie Kinnison (@MyApplePi) might have found the actual cliff in question when she sent us a picture of her new pin atop her hat. In her tweet, Kinnison urged Congress to "get this done!"

5) Filter Cliff

Source: @John_Thorn, John Thorn

Entrepreneur and lifelong New York Yankees fan John Thorn took his pin through a photo-filter and shared this collage with us. Neat stuff!

4) The Un-melted Snowman

Source: @seetechnologic, Javier Carrion

Tech guru Javier Carrion tweets in from the Sunshine State with a picture of his indoor snowman dressed in a Christmas hat and scarf. Attached to the scarf? CNBC's Rise Above pin. "#RiseAbove or this snowman will melt," warned Carrion.

3) The Patriot

Source: @the_policast

Twitter user @the_policast (aka "Kyle" in real life) wore his pin in front of American flag. Kyle wrote, "Like the pin. Thanks!" Thank you, Kyle.

2) Class Action

Source: @JimHeal, Jim Heal

Jim Heal and his economics class of 20 students stood in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco with their Rise Above pin. Heal told CNBC in a tweet that he was "doing his part to educate" his class and "talked to them about rising above." Everyone in that class gets an A.

1) Pin in Min-nessota

Source: @rkomish, Bob Komischke

Bob Komischke tweets in from northern Minnesota with his Rise Above securely fastened to his jacket. "Thanks (and) #RiseAbove," he wrote with the frosty waters behind him.