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Luxury Stocking Stuffers

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Luxury Stocking Stuffers

Certain images will forever be associated with Christmas. There's the roaring fireplace, the tree garlanded with lights and the children anticipating Santa Claus' arrival in a state approaching hysteria.

Another image associated with the holiday is that of stockings hung from the mantelpiece, with each family member's name written on them. And while it's true that some people are most eager to see what's in the absolute largest box under the tree, the stocking stuffer has its own unique charm. It may not be a flat-screen TV or a full drum kit, but its understated size can convey an intimacy that more spectacular items can't.

People who choose to give stocking stuffers are not limited to inexpensive trinkets by any means. Many presents that can fit comfortably in the average stocking convey indulgence and extravagance. presents a list of 10 luxury gifts whose small sizes are offset by their large price tags.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 12 Dec. 2012

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