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Personal Services for the One Percent

Pet Chef

Sample rates: $8 - $18 / day, depending on size of dog

Cost for a year at high-end rates: $6,570

Zen Chien head chef Megan Montgomery calls her service "Dean and DeLuca for dogs." Her downtown Brooklyn business provides personal pet chef service for dogs. Their additive- and preservative- free menu consists of home-cooked meals delivered weekly, with names sounding worthy of sampling: Mediterranean Lamb, South American Chicken, and zero grain Yogurt Parmesan Chicken.

The human-grade ingredients are sourced from farmers' markets and high-end grocers, and the meals are supplemented with calcium, trace minerals and essential oils.

Other luxurious services available for canines include dog massage and hydrotherapy … or as most pet lovers refer to the free versions, petting and swimming.

Kangoro Nakagawa | Amana Images | Getty Images