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How Much Do Facebook Interns Make? A Lot

Joel Saget | AFP | Getty Images

So here's a fun fact, the average salary of a Facebook intern is over $5,000 a month, according to recent research by Glassdoor.

That's right, while many interns slave away for several months at internships unpaid, the average monthly paycheck for a Facebook intern comes in at about $5,622. What's more, a software engineering intern rakes in a whopping $6,465 per month.

Interns' high wages aren't out of the ordinary for Facebook though. Software engineers and product designers at the social network earn in the $100,000 plus range, according to Glassdoor.

Facebook's high salaries no doubt helped it earn the number one spot in Glassdoor's annual 'Best Places to Work' rankings, which is ultimately decided by how company employees rank their company. It was the company's second time to be ranked number one in three years.

But Facebook interns aren't the only ones rolling in dough. Google interns actually beat Facebook's interns with their monthly salary coming in at $6,862. Not too shabby.