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McLaren 'Ultimate Super Car' Makes US Debut

McLaren Shows Us Its P1, 'Ultimate Super Car'

It's called P1, as in "pole position." McLaren Automotive's new P1 "super car" made its North American debut this week in New York.

"It takes technology we use for our Formula 1 race team and brings it to the road and the track," McLaren Managing Director Antony Sheriff told "Squawk Box" on Thursday, when he brought the P1 and two other McLaren models to CNBC World Headquarters in New Jersey.

The P1, which was unveiled in September at the Paris Auto Show, made its North American debut Wednesday night. It is set to go into limited production next year with fewer than 500 planned. McLaren is taking pre-orders for the P1 now with an initial deposit of $125,000. It will sell for over $1 million but "under $2 million," Sheriff said.

Pricing details and performance specifications have not been released yet.

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