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Last-Minute Gifts for the Procrastinator 2012


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Deck the Halls With Art

Cost: $150 to $500, potentially more

If you have a good sense of your loved ones' artistic tastes, a painting or other type of artwork may be the perfect last-minute gift. Art can brighten up a room or complement its overall aesthetic and will remind them of you on a daily basis.

For around a low three-digit price tag, you can find original artwork in any part of the country. A gift such as this may not be as mainstream as others presented here, but a quick drive to the local art store could yield a memorable gift. In addition, even a medium-sized painting or statue will make an impressive present. If your friend is picky, a gift certificate to an online art website, such as art.com or the Metropolitan Museum of Art's store website, will work well too.

To give some artwork on a budget, consider creating your own. If you're stumped, check out Pinterest for ideas or grab a ruler and channel your inner Piet Mondrian or Theo van Doesburg.

Urs Kuester | Taxi | Getty Images