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Apocalypse Tech

The overly anxious have spent much of this year dreading December 21. That's the day the ancient Mayan calendar ends , and many people have mistakenly concluded that it means the world will end on that day too.

The apocalypse has been prophesied many times before. It was forecast for 1999 by both Nostradamus and The Amazing Criswell. Christian radio programmer Harold Camping said it would occur twice in the 1990s, then in May 2011, only to see it postponed until that October.

Despite the fact that these predictions, along with all the others, came to nothing, there are still people who believe Friday will be Judgment Day. So for them, now is a good time to look into products that might come in handy on Saturday. presents 10 products currently on the market that those fearing doomsday should keep in their bug-out bags.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 20 Dec. 2012

Don Farrall | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images