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6 Legged Tees Insect Repelling Shirt

Surviving a planetary calamity is all fine and good, but it's only step one. Step two entails surviving the hazards of the post-apocalyptic world. Those who choose to retreat to dense jungle environments will have to contend with insect bites and the sometimes fatal diseases they carry.

The jungle-bound doomsday survivor can negotiate the unforgiving jungle terrain in style in the 6 Legged Tee, a t-shirt treated with Insect Shield repellent. According to the company's website, the repellent "works to keep away mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ants, and chiggers," and it remains effective through 70 wash cycles. Purchasing an adult-sized shirt requires donating $35 to the company through its Kickstarter page.

Source: 6leggedtees.com