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Million Dollar Winter Wonderland Homes

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Let it Snow

These homes are in places that get blanketed in snow, and they all seem to be designed for maximum enjoyment of winter weather. Occupants can sit and watch snow fall while warming in front of the fire, from bed, or from the bathtub or hot tub.

While this collection is called Million-Dollar Winter Wonderland Homes, these houses only start at a million—actually about $1.5 million—and from there soar up to multi-multi-million dollar prices. Many of the following selections, provided by Trulia, are ski homes of recent vintage, but a few classic examples are over 150 years old.

They are mansions and lodges designed for residents who take advantage of the winter weather and those who are content to stick inside and let it snow. Here they are, beginning with a comparatively bargain-priced New England Victorian and going up from there.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 20 Dec. 2012

Source: Trulia