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Cee Lo Green on His New Diet and Hiatus From 'The Voice'

CeeLo Green Talks to Us From Nasdaq

Singer Cee Lo Green told CNBC on Friday that his decision to take a one-season hiatus from "The Voice" had nothing to do with who won Season 3, which had its finale on Tuesday night.

Green will be back as a judge and vocal coach for Season 5 of the popular NBC singing competition, but he said, "It was very disappointing for my guy [Nicholas David] not to win [this season]. I think he deserved it." David came in third place — beat out by winner Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott.

Green dropped by "Squawk Box" on Friday to promote his new role as ambassador for eDiets. "Part of my New Year's resolution is to become more healthy," he said. "If I'm effective enough, I can lose 50 pounds."

As for the music business, he characterized the industry as "a singles game, not an albums game." But he added, "It's always an artists game."

Green has a new Christmas album out.