I'm Too Sexy For This 'Cliff': Site Seeks Pretty Women

Javier E. David | Special to
Julia Savchenko | Vetta | Getty Images

Yes ladies, you can avoid the financial impact of the "fiscal cliff" currently threatening millions of Americans – but only if you're good-looking.

Brandon Wade, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, recently made headlines with a business that links beautiful women to wealthy would-be suitors. Now, he's hoping that fears of the 'fiscal cliff' will steer pretty ladies to his site

The site is offering free premium memberships to "all attractive women in the United States" as a way of avoiding Washington's struggle to improve its budgetary picture.

A membership normally runs for $25 per month, said Jennifer Gwynn, a spokeswoman for the site. She added that the fiscal cliff promotion would run until Washington found a fix to its budget woes.

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Saying that "beauty is an asset that can transcend any fiscal cliff," the site tells potential date-seekers in a YouTube ad that "instead of feeling powerless, attractive women are improving their financial situation by dating successful men."

"Why waste time dating regular guys when it is more fun and rewarding to be with generous men instead?" the ad asks.

Wade is no stranger to controversy over his websites.Various observers have branded him an "MIT-educated pimp" whose services –which use various iterations of the term "Sugar Daddy" in their ads – border on legalized prostitution. (Read more: Happy Holidays, Gorgeous! You Fly Free.)