Buffett Watch

Buffett's Berkshire Beats Benchmark S&P in 2012

The benchmark S&P 500 stock index had a good year in 2012, but shares of Berkshire Hathaway did even better.

Berkshire's Class A shares finished a $134,060, an increase of 16.8 percent from 2011's close. That's the highest year-end finish for Berkshire and just below the 4-year intraday high of $136,345 set on October 18.

The S&P ended the year with a 13.4 percent gain, excluding dividends.

Over the past ten years the contest is even, with Berkshire outperforming the S&P five times.

Since 1977, Berkshire has averaged a 26.3 percent annual gain vs. the S&P's 8.8 percent advance.