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Cramer’s ‘Anywhere But Here’ Trade

Cramer: Get Some International Diversification
Cramer: Get Some International Diversification

Sure Cramer thinks the US is the greatest country on earth, but he also worries it might not be the best place for your money in 2013.

As the new year kicks off with another contentious battle in Washington looming – this time over the debt ceiling - Cramer has some new advice about where you should invest your money; anywhere but here!

"There are still major parts of our economy that are going strong, but as we just saw with the fiscal cliff nonsense, Washington is gridlocked," said Cramer.

And the Mad Money host fully expects the battle over the deficit to be as acrimonious and drawn out as the fiscal cliff negotiations.

But -- while the Democrats and Republicans in Washington quibble and bicker the rest of the world has been getting their acts together!

"That's why I think 2013 is a year where you have to diversify into international markets," said Cramer. "Their politicians and lawmakers makes ours look like pathetic amateurs at best."

So, where does Cramer suggest putting money to work. Following is a breakdown:

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"Japan just had an election two weeks ago that turned out to be one of the biggest landslides in their history," Cramer explained.

The new prime minister campaigned on a platform of boosting the economy via hyper easy monetary policy and major government spending.

As a result the yen hit a 20-month low after the election, giving Japanese exporters a major edge. Cramer expects the yen to keep getting weaker which should benefit Japan's export oriented economy.

The best way to play it?

"I like the iShares MSCI Japan Index fund (TICKER:EWJ) a diversified index that owns about a hundred of the biggest companies that trade in Japan," said Cramer.


Although the European economy is still depressed, lately Cramer has noticed a number of data points that suggest things are stabilizing.

"We've seen strong purchasing managers index numbers for manufacturing and non manufacturing, positive retail sales, solid auto sales, and in the last couple of weeks, German business morale came in at its highest level in two and a half years."

In addition, leaders have implemented big changes in monetary policy. For example, over the last several months the money supply over there has doubled versus last year.

"That doesn't mean we're going to see a turn in Europe overnight, but if a turn is coming, you need to get in before it happens, because if you wait until it's obvious, you'll be too late," said Cramer.

So how do you play Europe?

"I prefer the Vanguard MSCI Euro ETF, (TICKER:VGK)," said Cramer.


Cramer believes that China's economy has been in the process of bottoming for a while now, and thinks that a genuine turn could be at hand.

"We know the Chinese central bank has been aggressively providing capital injections to banks, last year they cut the reserve requirement ratio three times, and they cut interest rates twice," he said. "There could be more of those to come."

Also the latest Purchasing Managers Index data from China was better than expected, and many of the U.S. companies that do business in the People's Republic seem to be pricing in some stabilization.

What's the play?

"When it comes to China, I like the iShares FTSE China 25 (TICKER: FXI) which owns a basket of 25 of the highest quality Chinese companies out there," said Cramer.


Cramer is impressed by the gains in India's stock market last year. "In 2012, the Indian stock market had its biggest gain in three years," he said.

Also, India's central bank cut rates by half a percent back in April and there's a big upcoming monetary policy meeting on January 29th, where Goldman Sachs expects them to cut rates by another half a point. That too should drive India's economy.

In addition, India has a rising middle class and as more people achieve affluence the demand for food, housing, autos, materials for infrastructure, technology, medicine and more should blossom exponentially.

All told, Cramer sees opportunity.

The best way to play it?

"Go with the iShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index Fund, (TICKER:INDY), said Cramer.

Latin America

"Mexico has become a better place to invest now that all the cartel related violence seems to be dying down," said Cramer.

"If you believe in a Mexico's resurgence, go with the iShares MSCI Mexico Investible Market Index (TICKER:EWW), said Cramer.

"If you'd prefer to play Brazil, which seems to be on the mend—my favorite Brazilian ETF is the EWZ," said Cramer.

What's the bottom line?

"For 2013 the investing watchword is anywhere but here," said Cramer. "You need to get some international diversification, given the political gridlock that's strangling our economy. Japan, Europe, China, India, Latin America—I think they could all be better places to invest for the next year than the United States."

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