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10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013

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6. Senior Corporate Exec

Median salary: $101,250

Ask someone which job is easy-peasy and not stressful and you're likely to get CEO or executive as a response. A lot of people think it's all private jets and caviar. In fact, these jobs make the MOST stressful list. They're not police-officer- or war- photographer-dangerous but they make the list because when things go wrong at a company, they're held responsible. And, they are holding people's livelihoods – their incomes – in their hands.

"If it's a public company, you've got shareholders beating down the door," Lee said. "If it's a private company, you have the workforce you have to take care of. If revenues are down and expenses are up, it's up to you to manage it."

And, in this tough economy, companies are a lot less likely to have a high tolerance for an underperforming CEO or executive than they might in good times. They'll pull the trigger on firing a CEO or executive a lot quicker.

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