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10 Mega-Trends for 2013

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10 Mega-Trends for 2013

Predictions are always precarious business. A left-field hit to the economy can throw forecasts into disarray while a scandal, new technology, or a new idea can push trends into unforeseen directions.

Despite this, there are a lot of likelihoods for 2013. The economy is expected to grow more robustly than it has recently, Washington politics notwithstanding. New technology releases, such as better Smart TVs, will most likely change consumer behavior. Some long-term demographic shifts, such as nationwide differences when people get married and have children, will hit tipping points.

Mindshare North America conducted a major study on the top 10 cultural trends for 2013. Here are some of their predictions about how American culture will change in 2013.


Posted 11 Jan. 2013

Emmanuel Dunand | AFP | Getty Images