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America Will Refresh and Rebuild

If 2012 was about a hesitant economic recovery and uncertainty about the U.S. political agenda, 2013 will be about 'rebuilding America.'

In 2013 the economy is finally expected to gather steam, and 2013 GDP growth is expected to stand at between 2.3 percent and 3 percent, according to the Federal Reserve. This will create potential for a more noticeable post-recession boom..

The emphasis will be on American-made goods and services.Today, 44 percent of consumers agree "buying American is important to me," versus 35 percent in 2007, according to GfK, a market research firm. Companies like Apple and GE have recently announced they will increase manufacturing in the U.S.

There will also be a renewed focus on entrepreneurship. Among young Americans, entrepreneurship is rising, fueled by falling barriers of entry to new technology and inspiration from Silicon Valley.

And our education system will continue to change.You can't speak to a university professor without the mention of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), as young people's appetite for traditional college education wanes.

Joshua Hodge Photography | The Agency Collection | Getty Images