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Two Americas

Americans' values and lifestyles have always varied across the nation; however, differences have been diverging significantly over recent years.

Whether it be when we get married and have kids, social attitudes, or technology use, 2013 will be a tipping point for the nation's differences.

For example, the mean age of women at their first birth has been creeping up noticeably faster in coastal states, plus Colorado, than elsewhere, according to the Centers for Disease Control. A 20-something's lifestyle is now fundamentally different depending on where they live. The state with the highest mean maternal age at birth is Massachusetts (28); the lowest is Mississippi (23).

Family values are changing at different rates, too. For example, the percent of parents who agree, "I like spending most of my time at home with my family" increased faster in the so called red states -- or more conservative -- than in blue states between 2006-2012, according to Simmons.

In addition, education levels, obesity rates, and technology ownership are all increasing at different speeds in red vs. blue states.

In 2013, companies will increasingly have to speak to two different Americas in two very different ways.